Ras Graphics

i was never good in history
so i made my own.

The dream of one day starting a company called Ras Graphics has been with me since my A.D.D. days in high school when all I wanted to do was draw in my notebooks and not pay attention in class. I was always creating something. This eventually led to a B.A. from The Advertising Arts College (now California Arts Institute). From there, I worked as a caricature artist at Seaworld, t-shirt designer for ODM, a multi-media designer, and eventually, creative director for Andataco and NStor Technologies. In 2001, corporate cutbacks ended my tie-wearing days. Instead of a severence package, I was given the freedom to fulfill my dream, which I’ve been living ever since. The opportunities that I’m faced with every day reinforce my passion for what I do, and what I will do in the future.