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good copy speaks.
great copy compels.

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The essence of communication is found in a single prevailing concept: Action. More than a mere transfer of information, beyond intention and meaning – true communication prompts action. Compels it. Internal or external, action takes place. A heart races... a mind starts to wander. A pulse quickens... possibilities are considered.

The purpose of your website, brochure, or email campaign is not to be interesting and unique, although that should certainly be achieved. It is not to be moving and heartfelt, although that, too, can be part of the process. No... the purpose of your communication is to get your audience to take action! To pick up the phone. To click on the “purchase now” button. To complete a sale.

What is the difference between two ads, where one is merely interesting, and the other inspires action?

Good copy moves its audience.
Great copy compels its audience to get moving.